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Principal's Corner

Principal: Mrs. Elizabeth Jenkins
Phone Number: (252) 265-4020

August 4, 2017

Greetings Jones Staff,

A new school year presents opportunities for a variety of new beginnings-new classes, new faces, sometimes new grade levels, and often new materials.  Summer and vacation can be great healers; and as we approach the opening day of a new school year, the end-of-year pressures that plagued us in June seem quite remote and inconsequential.

Newness alone, however cannot produce transformation.  We ourselves must be willing to be a "change agent."  Starting a new year gives us the opportunity to make new plans, design new strategies, and implement new ideas.  There is a special kind of joy and satisfaction in planning lessons and activities for a new class; for although the subject or grade level is the same, the students are new, and they appreciate the planning that is done for them.  Whether one's responsibility is administrating, supervising, teaching, preparing lunches, maintaining the building, or managing an office, there is always room for improvement and for new ways to do a good job even better.

This year, we must concentrate on creating a school culture that is conducive to learning for all.  All means All!  We must evaluate where we are, determine what we can do to improve, identify what we need to make those improvements and reflect and revise along the way.

It takes all of us doing our part each and every day to achieve the success every child so desperately deserves here at Jones.  Simply put, we have urgent work to do.  It's the work that defines us--the persistent exercise of improving our practice, the desire to improve results, the expectations we hold for ourselves, each other and our students, knowing what we have to do and doing it better than ever before.

I ask each of you to stand with me committed to ensuring the best education possible for every child who walks through our doors.  "We Care, We Share, For Our Future We Prepare."


Elizabeth Jenkins