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Susan Perry Staff Photo

Music at Jones 

Welcome to Music at Jones Elementary!

This week in music:

Kindergarten is learning about STEADY BEAT as they march and play instruments. They are also learning how to sing our school song. 

1st and 2nd grades are learning about FORM and how to recognize music that is in A-B form. They are listening to Beethoven's 5th Symphony as well as singing songs such as "School is Cool" and "Everything is Awesome", a song from the Lego movie.

3rd grade is learning about what a composer is. They have listened to Beethoven's 5th Symphony as well. Also, they learned how music is created for video games and how composers of today do this with computer technology and keyboards.

4th grade is learning about music from other cultures, specifically a Swiss folk song and identifying the verses and refrain.

5th grade is learning about the treble clef line notes and how learning this will help them to be proficient music readers in preparing for middle school band and chorus.

K-AU and Pre-K AU classes are learning about different instrument sounds and how to play the instruments.