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Christian Boyce Staff Photo

Supply List 

Jones Elementary


Mrs. Boyce’s Supply List

Welcome to kindergarten! I know this is going to be an exciting and memorable year for all of us. Your child will need the following school supplies:

 1 Backpack

 Number 2 Pencils

 24 Count Crayons

 Glue Sticks

 Laminated 2-Pocket Folder

 Erasers (or pencil top erasers)

 Scissors

 1” White Economy View 3 Ring Binder- you can find these cheap at Wal-mart ($1.00)

 Box of Ziploc Sandwich Bags (Boys) and Box of Ziploc Gallon Bags (Girls)

 2 BLACK Dry Erase Markers (I have white boards that each child will use here at school.)

*Don’t forget to label your child’s items with their name/initials*

These next items are completely optional and your generosity would be greatly appreciated:

 Boxes of Kleenex

 Bags of Skittles or Smarties

 Clorox Wipes

 Paper Towels

 Duck Tape (in wild colors or plain)

 Hand Sanitizer

 Glue Sticks

 Prizes for the Treasure Box

 Dry Erase Markers and Erasers

 Baby Wipes

 Refillable Soap

 Envelopes

 Paper Plates

 Packs of men’s plain white t-shirts

 Page protectors

 Copier paper