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Supply List 


5 marble notebooks(no spirals)

2 packs of notebook paper (one will be collected, keep one for personal use)

2 boxes of plain pencils-not mechanical (one will be collected, keep one for personal use)

1 box of 24 count crayons

Glue sticks (will be collected)

Clorox/Lysol wipes

Big bottle of hand sanitizer

Multi-pack of Kleenex

1 pencil pouch (no boxes)

1 plastic two-pocket folder with brads

Pack of page protectors

4 x 6 pack of index cards


Wish List Items- multiples of anything listed above, small age-appropriate toys for prize box, dry erase markers, copy paper, zip-lock bags of all sizes

Pencil boxes, spiral notebooks, and mechanical pencils or “fancy” pencils will be sent home.  Pencil boxes take up too much space, mechanical pencils make a mess with lead flying everywhere and have a tendency to go missing, and spiral notebook paper can be removed too easily with the edges laying everywhere. Thank you in advance for understanding.